San Carlos City Council is a non-partisan elected office. Ron has broad support from current and former elected officials of the San Carlos City Council, community leaders, residents, and business owners.

Elected Officials

Jackie Speier

Jackie Speier


Anna Eshoo


Jerry Hill
CA State Senate


Kevin Mullin
CA Senate Assembly


Marc Berman
CA State Assembly


Nancy Magee
San Mateo Superintendent of Schools


Dave Pine
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors


Don Horsley
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors


Carole Groom
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors


Warren Slocum
San Mateo Board of Supervisors


David Canepa
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors


Joe Goethals
Mayor of San Mateo


Carlos Bolanos
San Mateo County Sheriff


Warren Lieberman
Mayor of Belmont


Davina Hurt
Belmont City Council


Charles Stone
Belmont City Council


Julia Mates
Belmont City Council


Tom McCune
Belmont City Council


Ray Mueller
Menlo Park City Council


Alicia Aguirre
Redwood City
City Council


Diane Howard
Mayor of Redwood City


Shelly Masur
Vice Mayor of
Redwood City


Ian Bain
Redwood City
City Council


Janet Bourgens
Redwood City
City Council


Diane Papan
San Mateo City Council


Sara McDowell
San Carlos City Council


Adam Rak
San Carlos City Council


Laura Parmer-Lohan
Vice Mayor of San Carlos


Mark Olbert
San Carlos City Council


Donna Colson
Mayor of Burlingame

Anne-OBrien- Keighran

Anne O'Brien Keighran
Burlingame City Council


Emily Beach
Burlingame City Council


Michael Brownrigg
Burlingame City Council


Gina Papan
Millbrae City Council


Larry Moody
East Palo Alto
City Council


Sam Hindi
Foster City Council


Laurence May
Town Council


Giselle Hale
Redwood City
City Council

School Board Members

Eireen Chen (San Carlos School Board)
Carol Elliot (San Carlos School Board)
Neil Layton (San Carlos School Board)
Kathleen Farley (San Carlos School Board)

Carrie Du Bois (Sequoia High School District Board)
Susan Alvaro (San Mateo County School Board)
Rod Hsiao (San Mateo County School Board)
Ted Lempert (San Mateo County School Board and former California State Assemblyman)

Local Residents

Bob Grassilli (Former Mayor of San Carlos)
Tom Davids (Former Mayor of San Carlos)
Sylvia Nelson (Former Mayor of San Carlos)
Cameron Johnson (Former Mayor of San Carlos)
Josh Becker (Candidate of California State Senate)
Susan Rose
Ellen Garvey (San Carlos Planning Commission)
Michelle Harmeier
Bob Bredel
Jack Baumgarten
Charlie & Danielle Barringer
Miles Mendenhall
Monet Mendenhall
Jan Prodger
Sara & Don Taylor
Jean and Bob Dehner
Jim Granucci
Jack Fisher
Thomas Yap
Greg St. Claire
Jackid Dal Broi
Joanne Engelhardt
Barbara Williamson
Brian Perkins

Julie Satterwhite
Vicci Mueller
Sheryl Pomerenk Hinchman
Jim and Angi DiPaola
Seth Rosenblatt (Former San Carlos School Board)
Ken Castle
Kirk & Sue Dryden
Victor & Juliet Chan

Al Sieben
Julie Ann Sieben
Steve & Janice Armanino
Gayle Collins
Brenda & Dave Reeves
Charles & Margaret Getz
Paula Ebejer-Moffitt
Catherine & Dana Ayers
Toby Pollock
Phil Abrams
Greg & Mona Klein
Anna Kramer
Julian Saenz
Brian & Kelly Baird
Michael Campbell
Rebecca Tom

Molly & Bret Barton
Joe & Jocelyn Fanning
Yvette Royce
Chris Wuthmann
Geoff and Meg McKee
Keith and Judy Vaughn
Sonia Elkes
Dan Elkes
Francie & John Kuehner
Kevin & Myrle O’Neill
Melanie Yunk
Cathy Baird
Debbie Denton
Fred & Bunny Koehler
Linda & Mike Garvey
Cori Carpenter
John McDowell
Eric W. Berggren
Stan & Teresa Kangas
Don & Kathy Leonard
Karen Molinari
Nicole Bergeron (Former San Carlos School Board)
Jay & Joyce Strauss

"I have volunteered with Ron for many years and know that he always has the best interest of the city at heart and has the experience to effect positive change!" - Rebecca Tom

"I've known Ron for almost 40 years and believe he is one of the most conscientious and devoted public servants we have in this County. He cares deeply about his community and I enthusiastically endorse him for re-election." - Susan Alvaro

"I had the pleasure of working with Ron, while I served as the Chief of Police for the City of San Carlos. He is a visionary, who understands the importance of excellent public safety, and will serve the community well." - Jim Granucci

"We have known and respected Ron for over 30 years. They do not come better nor more dedicated." - Charles and Margaret Getz

"Ron has done great things for San Carlos. With his leadership, San Carlos will continue to be The City of Good Living. I trust Ron and believe in him." - Eric W. Berggren

"He is a tireless working man and will be an exceptional candidate for our fair city." - Jack Fisher

"Ron is a good friend to many of us, and has represented us extremely well over the years. He is also a very good businessman." - Toby Pollock

"Greg and I believe in Ron Collins, a long-time supporter of San Carlos, our schools, and the Chickens' Ball." - Greg and Mona Klein

"I support Ron Collins because he is a businessman and understands the economics--a basic requirement for being a good city council member." - Anna Kramer

"'I've known Ron for many years, and I believe he's worked hard to keep San Carlos the fine city it is." - Joanne Engelhardt